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You're losing customers if you are not on page 1 of Google. Search engines need to deliver the most relevant results based on queries from users, so if you’re not there, your competition is.
When's the last time you used a phone book to look for a product or service you needed?
With the Internet and modern technologies, your Russell Island business needs to be on top when people “Google it”.

It's hard work for a Search Engine Optimization expert to develop unique strategies for each business. A reputable digital marketing agency knows this.

This doesn't mean you need to pay a premium to drive customers to your website either.  At Panacea SEO Russell Island, our services are based on an expert analysis of your business. If we believe your a good fit and choose to partner with you, we will work towards dominating your competition on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and create mountains of rapport within your market.


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Using our strategies, we will grow your brand and customers looking for your services and products.


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We’re on your side right from the get go, here to help with any problems or questions that may arise from time to time as we build our relationship.


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Having tight associations with the worlds’ best SEO groups, our real time knowledge of ever changing digital environments puts us ahead of the game.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process where you optimize a website so that it naturally ranks higher in search engines, so that it gets more traffic for its targeted keywords. It is commonly referred to as SEO and is the cornerstone of internet marketing since it allows you to get thousands of targeted visitors to your website, without having to directly pay for your traffic. It is a great method of marketing when you want to get the maximum results for the lowest expenditure which will improve your bottom line. We will now take a closer look at how you can do it on just about any website.

The first thing you should do when undertaking optimization is an analysis of the website. Of course, this is only necessary if you are doing work on a pre-existing website. If you are now starting to build a website, then you should start by doing keyword research in your niche. One strategy is to look for long tail keywords that don't have a lot of competition. For example, a keyword such as "how to save money" is much easier to rank than a keyword like "money." The main reason why you shouldn't target short tail keywords is because they are highly competitive and will cost you a lot of time and money to rank that you may not have.

Now, once you have done your keyword research and have a blueprint, you can start bunching together similar keywords for specific content pages. You will need to start building out your site by writing lots of high quality content while optimizing that content for your keywords. All you have to do is sprinkle your target keywords throughout the page without too much repetition. You should also use lots of synonyms for your keywords and similar phrases to avoid over-optimization.

Once you have built out your website and have done your on-page optimization, the next step is to do off-page SEO. This is where you start building backlinks in order to improve your rankings. There are many different types of backlinks such as those from guest posts, blog comments, forum links, press releases, article directories, link exchanges, private blog network links, social links etc.

When you are building backlinks, it is essential that you have a diverse backlink profile with lots of different links from different sources and websites. You should also vary the anchor texts of your backlinks so that they look natural and not over-optimized.

In closing, we have just taken a quick look at search engine optimization and the typical steps involved in doing it for a website. It is certainly a process, but once you stick to it, you will definitely improve your rankings over time and get lots of traffic that you can convert into customers or subscribers.

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